Standard Industrial Press Brakes

The Standard Industrial Advantage:
– The most reliable press brake available. Made in the USA with an unparalleled 5-year parts/1-year CNC warranty and five year limited onsite labor warranty.
– Available with either simple mechanical ram control and/or state of the art CNC providing all aspects of forming for all levels of fabrication and sophistication requirements.
– Off-the-shelf, non-proprietary components means no more over-priced, single source buying from one manufacturer.
– With service all over the United States and multiple parts sources all over the world, you will never again have to wonder where your support is coming from.
– Press brakes available from 6’ x 100 tons to 20’ x 1,000 tons

Our brakes were specifically designed for the following applications:
– Full length bends where full tonnage across the bed is a necessity for the truest bends.
– Off-center loading when any amount of the brakes tonnage is needed across the bed.
– Center loading where any amount of the brakes tonnage is required.
– Multiple die set-ups across the bed that require varying amounts of tonnage.
– Punching applications in one area or at varied locations across the bed – each brake has a counter balance valve to allow the least shock to the hydraulic system.
– Short piece work, with some of the fastest ram speeds on any brake, your small piece work is done quickly, easily and with precision.
– Any Size Facility will benefit for the Standard Industrial brake from the price conscious smaller facility that does piece by piece work up to the 3 shifts a day manufacturer that require dependable, low maintenance machines with readily available components for minimal downtime