The KAMA band saw provides accuracy rivaling a cold saw, for about half the money and a lot bigger capacity.

The head of the saw pivots to miter, not the vise. This saves valuable shop space since the machine can be set up against a wall instead of in the middle of the shop floor.

The EV 996 band saw comes complete as shown with the base, coolant system and control box.

EV 996 Specifications

Cutting capacity at 90 degrees: 6.75″ round
                                   45 degrees: 4.93″ round
                                   30 degrees: 3.14″ round
Motor: .9HP – 115V/1
Blade size: 6’3″ x 3/4″ x .035″
Blade speed: 92 – 286 FPM
Weight: 225 lbs
Flood coolant system

EV 996